I grew up with a fascination for the art of photography. From a young age I've been training my eye and honing my skills as a shooter. A few years ago, with the help of an amazing friend, I jumped into the deep end.


I have a never-ending appetite for shooting. I take my cameras everywhere I go. It has been a learning experience and an incredible journey to dive into the realm of professional photography.


My journey is one of constant progression. I never stop learning and implementing new skills and techniques to open my world of photographic expression even just another inch wider.


I love to shoot large events— concerts, weddings, conventions, and community gatherings. When I’m not running around for hours on end looking for the perfect shots for those, I enjoy long-exposure and HDR photography. In the hours I’m not shooting and editing I spend my time writing and crafting electronic music.


I live to create, and I create to express an interpretation of whatever life throws in my direction. Join me on my journey of expression. Take me along to capture yours. Life is as beautiful as we make it.


I am Lars Jameson.


Salem State University - Bachelor's in Journalism, minor in Political Science

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